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Default ?????????

How about a nice track around all your acerage for riding mopeds or horses?
How long will the farm continue selling pumpkins?
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Default Before I knew who you were, I think we almost collided

A few years ago, in the Fall of 2007, I was at an airport, either Indianapolis or Raleigh, but I think it was Indianapolis, and I was standing in the middle of the floor looking around and started walking and either I almost ran into you or you almost ran over me. There can't be too many little people on scooters who look like you. I had brown hair, dressed in grey shirt and pants, with a dark red tie. One reason I remember it is there were people who recognized you and were heading toward you, and someone passing me asked who you were and I said I didn't know but I overheard some say that you were that guy from the television show. I think you might have started signing autographs, I'm not sure. Anyway, do you remember anything like that at the (probably) Indianapolis airport? I know that is a stretch but who knows....
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Dear Matt post up man
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Hi Matt! I was wondering if you have any good resources about massage therapy for LPs. I am a therapist and I have had trouble getting much research results on the subject. I would love to be able to serve the LP community and be better informed about any contraindications or known issues. THANKS SO MUCH!
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Wink Massage Therapy

Massage is a very nice thing you can do for others.. Just make sure you take time to relax yourself.. it is very possible to pick up other ppls negative energy and stress..
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Yes I love being a Massage Therapist. And I was very lucky to have been trained how to take care of myself, both physically and energetically, so as not to pick up anyone else's STUFF. It is very rewarding and I have a few Therapist friends that I trade with. It is nice. But I am still reaching dead ends about doing massage for LPs. I know the general contraindications, but I would like to hear from a good source, someone who knows dwarfism in its many forms and can speak about how to best compliment regular medical care. Seems to be little info out there.... and LPs need massage, too!!!
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Default Soccer Fans

To Mr. Roloff,

From watching your show, we have seen how much Zach loves soccer and wants to make a career out of it. On behalf of the non-profit FUNDaFIELD, I would appreciate if you could ask Zach to check out our website and see the work kids like him are doing building soccer fields and holding tournaments in Uganda, South Africa, the DRC, Swaziland, and Haiti. There is an upcoming opportunity for a fundraiser for FUNDaFIELD with a celebrity soccer tournament and we would love to have Zach and any other soccer-loving Roloff attend, play, or coach. If you check out the website, contact information can be found there.

All the best, thanks for sharing your family's story to inspire us all,
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Default Rico Abreu - Sprinter Car Racer

Hey Matt :

You may not know about Rico Abreu. He is a 20 year old little person racing winged sprint cars in Northern California. I'm sure you would enjoy seeing his website.

His has been very successful and has been racing since he was six.

Have a great day!

Dave Boles (Buckwheat)

Runs with scissors.....
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Red face Matt: Question about Legs

Dear Matt: I know you have had numerous problems with, and operations on, your legs. Is it possible for you to get knee and hip replacements, which might give you greater mobility in walking? Thanks.
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Default Costa Rica

Hi Matt.

I am a little person and a travel agent. Can you please tell me who did you use on the Costa Rica trip for transportation and lodging? How did they meet your needs as an LP? Who have you used in Europe as well?


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