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Originally Posted by Mrs.Sawyer
Puyallup, WA always stumbles me

Umatilla, Ore did until I moved here and I had to learn it or really be out of place.....
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Hey PUE YAL UP is not so hard to say. try Steilacoom. Those are so great to hear people pronounce.
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Right Stuff Roloffs
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Nice job on the Q and A, DS. Very easy to read and follow!

Welcome, Marilu. Put your feet up and have fun here!
"We focus way to much on the outer package."-Amy Roloff
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Default Matt Answers Your Questions Part I

Will you be in the New York area anytime soon?
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Christine Eggleston
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Love the Q and A all listed together...Thanks...saves time and I love anything that is ORGANIZED!
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Talking Are you going to address the DUI issue from several months ago?

I have nothing but the greatest admiration for you and your family, Matt. I actually thought that you got a "raw" deal from the police when you were tested. Is this an issue that your children are learning about. Was is just "one" drink like we all think and your body size doesn't absorb alcohol like big people? I love you all and your family is such an encouragement to me and my family. Please know that you show such compassion, understanding and love to your children and that's what's really important these days. God Bless you all...Patti
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Default MATT Hearing aids???

I remember seeing an episode a while back where Matt got new hearing aids. We live out of the Portland area and am curious of the place he went to, we were impressed with the technoogy just from the episode and when like more info on them!

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Hello Holly and welcome. I believe they did show the name of the place in that episode. Either that or Matt mentioned it. Next time it's on look for it.
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Default Hello Matt!!!

Hello Matt my name is Michelle , and i live with a dibilatating , chronic pain disorder. Their are days that are hard , some easier than others , watching you and you Endless fight to NEVER QUIT inspires me in so many ways , and i thank you for that . My question for you is what gives you your strentgh , and comittment to continue on , whether hurting or having a bad day? Thank you and much success to you and your family on , and off the show
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Default responsibilities

Hi Matt. was wondering if the kids have any daily resposibilities. I too grew up on a farm as my kids have and we all had assigned chores. These resp, varied so as not to grow tiresom, and to give different insight as to what it takes to do things. They could even help Amy with things in the house, and learn more variety.
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